Web Soup

Here is a bunch of secret stuff I’ve found on the internet that I think is cool:

Secret Manual

PopUrls.com a summary of all the hottest links on all of the web! Alway current, updated continuously.

Great design ideas, web code, images, and more at Smashing Magazine

You will find wonderful stuff such as this collection of 17 Free online apps you need

TinyURL.com Turns this:
Into this: http://tinyurl.com/3emr5p

I’m a big fan of Flickr and found this list of 60 tools that work with Flickr.com that do amazing stuff with Flickr photos. Below are several of my faves!

Search Flickr photos by word “tags” – Flickr Storm
(NOTE: Selected photos go into your TRAY on left and can be downloaded or linked to!
Try “Advanced” to fine various copyright license options!)

And to put Flickr slideshows in your blog – FlickrSlidr.com

Mac app to make a slideshow from ANY photos! – BananAlbum.com

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Part Flickr replacement and part entry-level photo editor, Photoshop Express proves that Adobe is on a clear path toward online apps. It’s fairly basic: you can apply a handful of filters for lighting and exposure, rotate and re-size images, embed photos into a web page and share your shots with other users – even those on Flickr. The site shows huge potential: with 2GB of free storage, imagine being able to apply complex editing tasks to a series of photos where ‘the cloud’ does all the processing for you.

Similar to Photoshop Express, InterfaceLIFT is a vast collection of icons, images, wallpapers and random clipart, which can help you add some flair to a web app or an interface. You can also just download desktop wallpapers — it’s an amazingly good collection and all the artwork is free to use.