Russia 2017

If you are expecting to follow this trip as you have our past travels you will be disappointed. Due to our busy schedule and limited ability to upload photos, you will need to wait until we return. But if you are lucky from time-to-time some photos might appear below. Check back or look on Flickr.


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Russia 2017

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  1. r holt

    Hope you had a great trip. Looking forward to seeing your day by day installment and of course your great photos.
    Impressed with you ability, while traveling, to desaturate the exterior scene while pumping the red and increasing the contrast on just the book. Really makes it pop. You must be traveling with Lightroom as well as Photoshop. Good for you. Also, great idea and composition for the shot. Well done.
    P.S. Is the shot taken from the Metropol Hotel? If so I want a copy. Amor Towles would most likely want one as well. It is perfect.

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