Touring the Louvre

The Louvre is walking distance from our AirBnB, so we strike out early. We’ve laid down a baseline of pain au chocolat, yogurt, and muesli, so we’re in good shape calorie-wise. Crossing the bridge, we see a photographer shooting two dancers. It’s another mystery, so we stop to watch.

louveBecause we’ve got the magic Paris Pass, we go right to the head of the line at the museum. It’s early, so the crowds are light. First thing to note is that the Louvre is massive, and there’s no way one can see even a quarter of it in less than a day. We think we aren’t interested in antiquities today, so we head for the paintings. It’s Paris, so we are looking for Impressionists and our plan is to stroll and look until we get tired.

The longer we’re there, the busier it gets until soon, we are overcome by tour groups speaking more languages than we can count. Then, we go into the salon where the Mona Lisa hangs and all hell breaks loose. Makes you wonder how many Mona Lisa selfies exist in the cloud.

We lose each other, and it takes some ingenuity to reconnect. Time to go outside and stroll the Tuileries gardens, where goats keep the grass short, we eat a sandwich, and Liz is scammed by little girls who get her to sign a petition and then give them money until they are chased away by a museum guy with a stick. Patty buys sunglasses from a street vendor, and we stop to watch a beautiful bride and groom.


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  1. Jude

    WOW! And thanks!

  2. Jane Lentz

    Thank you so much for creating fabulous remembrances of our trip! We’re so grateful.

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