Last day at the villa

Today, we leave Casa Duetto for good, and we are sad to say goodbye to our amazing view and quiet evenings in the Apennine ridge. We discover we have a set of orphan photos, snapped on this phone or that, and collected here as a reminder to ourselves of what life is like at the villa.

Tiny church in the woods

Midway up our driveway is a small stone church. It seems tended, yet is almost in the middle of the road which threads its way between the front door and a drop-off over the edge of the mountain. Since there is nowhere there to park (or even meet another car!) the only way to get to it is on foot. If it’s still in use, it would have to be by the world’s smallest congregation of forest people. A mystery that will never be solved, at least for us.

The road continues past the church and down many switchbacks which are so steep it is impossible to show in photos, but we try. Goodbye to our villa and off to Bologna!

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Last Day At Villa

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