Tour of the 9th Ward by car

Wednesday is rainy and cold, and since we are lucky enough to have a rental car, we drive all over New Orleans after our day’s activities to have a look around. Each neighborhood is distinct in character, and the colors and architectural styles are a study in variety. While there is still evidence of the post-Hurricane-Katrina flooding, much of the city is rebuilt, repaired, or in the process of upgrade. But the lower 9th Ward still bears terrible scars, with many houses completely gone and many others partially destroyed.




Some houses have been repaired and are occupied. One bright spot is the scattering of new homes built by actor Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation, which has built more than 100 green homes in this devastated area.

Make It Right Foundation



As we drove, we kept wondering what had flooded and what had not, so when we got home, we downloaded a GPS map of where we had driven and then found another map showing the flooded area and water depth. The answer is: pretty much EVERYTHING flooded!

















Click here for more maps of Katrina damage surveys.


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Tour Of The 9th Ward By Car

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