Segovia (again!) and Goodbye

With one unplanned day before our scheduled return, we decide to go back to Segovia and take Charlie and Jane with us. It’s on the way to Madrid, which is where we need to be for the flight home. We eat a hearty breakfast at the hotel, and hit the road. The four-hour drive takes us down out of Basque Country green hills into the country’s more brown, chaparral-like mid-section.

We are in Segovia by 3, with plenty of time to check in to the hotel, have a little beer and wine out on the square, and tour the Cathedral, which still holds surprises we hadn’t seen on our first visit. We split off from Charlie and Jane, who walk out to the Alcazar while we rest. We’ve been traveling for 16 days now, and are grateful for a comfortable bed and an afternoon snooze.

At the dinner hour, we walk down to the other side of the town and eat at a hillside restaurant that gives us a spectacular view of the valley, and is only steps away from the Roman aquaduct. As the sun sets, the colors of the buildings change from one subtle hue to another, against the backdrop of an amazing sky.

A post-dinner digestion walk gets us all ready for bed. The next morning, we meet for breakfast and say adios to Charlie and Jane. They are on their way to Portugal, and we are on our way home.

Life, as always, is good. Thank you, Spain, for everything that you are.

Bilbao, Spain


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Segovia (again!) And Goodbye

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  1. liz

    That little red car is Charlie and Jane driving away.

  2. Jane G

    Seovia’s cathedral has some crazy art. The snake woman could give a girl nightmares. Call us when you are home!

  3. Linda Harvey

    Reading your blog has been a nice diversion. Thanks!

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