Hondarribia (again) and Hiruzta Winery

We head back to Hondarribia to see what we missed the first time we were here, and to eat at La Hermandad, which was recommended by Santiago in Madrid. We tried to eat there on Sunday, but it was closed, so we resolved to come back. The old town beckons, beginning with the statue of a soldier in a giant shaggy hat. Later, it’s explained to us that he is a soldier who goes ahead of the other soldiers to clear the path with his big saw. The Jaiak has just ended — the same celebration we caught a piece of on Sunday. We pop in to the library to visit with the giant puppets and to view the Jaiak posters, which we believe to have been a competition.

The historic center is small and lovely. We spend a minute contemplating the cannonball holes on the face of the Parador. Apparently, these cannonball holes are about 500 years old. Hungry, we head for La Hermandad. Fail. We are getting a complex about restaurants. Those that are on our list due to recommendation are always closed when we get there. Instead, we find a divey bar and eat pyntxos.

The men volunteer to go get the car while the women kill time on the waterfront. We are accosted by a charming young man who is either incredibly kind or up to no good whatsoever. On the way back to the villa, we stop at the winery we can see from our house. We taste the bright, bubbly Txakoli wine they make there, and check out the prices on their menu as it’s also a restaurant we could go to later, if we like. From the winery, we can see that the hill on the side of our house is covered with sheep.

It’s always 4 o’clock at Villa Birdie, and life is still very good.

Hiruzta Winery


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Hondarribia (again) And Hiruzta Winery

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    Linda Harvey

    I love Hondarribia! And vineyards. And even sheep.

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