We Dip a Toe Into France

Turns out France is mere inches away from Hondarribia, so we pile in our two cars and head on over. First stop is Biarritz. There are wonderful places to walk along the water, which today is a beautiful green-blue. The beach is protected by natural rock formations and man-made sea walls, making it the perfect spot for sunning, strolling, and painting.

After a stop for panini, frites, and crepes, we snoop in the nearby cathedral and visit the crypt of St. Eugenie (we’ll have to look her up later to find out who she was and why she’s buried at that particular church). Mike, Jim and Charlie check out the coed bathroom.

Next stop: St. John de Luz, which is lovely but we are tired and so we don’t take many pictures. Jane buys sunglasses that make her look like Jackie O. Liz buys a beaded bracelet. Jane G buys secret stuff. Life is still good. Now we are back at the villa, doing a load of darks in a washing machine that sounds like a fighter jet.

Biarritz, France


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We Dip A Toe Into France

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    Linda Harvey

    Had no idea Biarritz was so beautiful!

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