Touring Segovia, Spain

Segovia, Spain
The day is warm and dry and beautiful — perfect for a walk around the city and a tour of the Alcazar, the famous ancient fortress that caps the steep hill at the edge of town. Word has it this turreted castle inspired Walt Disney to create one just like it. Trust us, though. This one is much better.

For four euros, we buy tickets to explore the interior, walking in the footsteps of our tiny-footed predecessors with our giant 21st-century tourist shoes. We can almost see the shimmer of Ferdinand and Isabella on the two empty thrones. Are they really empty?

Spain Day 1


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Touring Segovia, Spain

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  1. Linda Harvey

    Mike & Liz… it warms my heart to see Segovia! I’m so happy to know your balcony looks out onto the square & Cathedral… I remember the view so very well. Segovia was my favorite town in Spain. I love experiencing it again through your blog & photos.

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