Off to the villa

Landing craft

Checkout time is noon and we wake up late. Just enough time for breakfast — this time on the Patio of Yellow Umbrellas. Charlie and Jane want to tour the old town, so Patty, Mike and Liz drive the corniche below the Esterel. We stop at a monument to the World War II landing of the allies on the beaches of St. Raphael. A solemn place for a visit. Then along the coast. The further we drive, the more intensely red the rocks become — a beautiful rocky coast overlooking the jittery water. Villas upon villas upon villas.

We return, join up with Charlie and Jane, and head to nearby Frejus for lunch. We find a street market just as it closes, then have lunch at a curbside restaurant, and watch two weddings in quick succession at the Mairie on the square.


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Off To The Villa

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