Friday in St. Raphael

Liz, Patty and Jane

An easy day in St. Raphael, where the weather is apparently always beautiful. At least it has been during our stay. With Charlie and Jane driving our way from Cassis, we decide to stay close to “home,” visiting familiar places, dining on Nutella in the breakfast room, and relaxing on the lovely Patio of Yellow Umbrellas.

We take a drive along the Esterel and see the amazing red rocks of the Cote D’Azur. Many beaches, many yachts, many villas, many deep-brown bodies.

Charlie and Jane arrive, and Charlie has been visited by a cold bug. We dose him up with various potions and elements of the healing arts. Then we stroll the waterfront in search of lunch. Composed salads all around. In search of a fuse to make the cigarette lighter in the car work so Charlie and Jane’s GPS will function, we fail.

A trip to the beach for a swim is foiled by surfeit of jellyfish and a high wind. The only recourse is a nap. Patty paints a variety of studies, accurately capturing the colors of the red rocks and blue water, which could go garish, but don’t. We take a picture of a bridge for Richard. We walk the “other way” for dinner, and stumble upon a wonderful surprise — a Moroccan Restaurant where all of the food is mysterious, and none of us speak the same language. A good day.


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Friday In St. Raphael

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  1. foren6chic

    I love all the pics! It looks fabulous:)

  2. kelly

    Sigh… how beautiful and wonderful- the writing, the photos, and the trip. I’m green with envy- I wonder if a scoop of Nutella from the pantry would help a little. Enjoy!

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