Thursday in St. Raphael

Museum entrance

The wind is down, and we arise early and head to the breakfast room for coffee, hard-boiled eggs, babybel cheese, a little Laughing Cow, croissants, and fruit compote. We drive to the old town, and traffic is fierce. We park near the harbor and tour an open air exhibit of huge photographs — ships and lighthouses. Patty takes a few moments to sketch.

We agree to split for awhile, but minutes later, Patty returns with a bloody elbow, having missed a curb and fallen in the street. We find a pharmacie, where a helpful pharmacist spritzes her with antiseptic and bandages her up. Patty is stoic.

We stop at a toy store and buy a tiny man named Oui Oui. All the stores close, so we stop for lunch at Le Duplexe while Patty sketches on the steps of the Archeology Museum. The waiter speaks a little English, but brings us two panini even though we want only one. It’s just fine with us. He tells us how to find the Hotel Des Flores and corrects our pronunciation, which we appreciate. He shows us how to dial a number in Italy from France on an American phone. We tour the archeology museum and see many amphora rescued from the deep, and other mysteries, including Roman crypts.

After a short rest back at the hotel, Mike heads down to the water and the red rocks. We’ll go there again tomorrow with everyone. Dinner on the pier at Les Arcades, where Patty and Liz get roses, and the children are rambunctious. Another good day.


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Thursday In St. Raphael

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  1. foren6chic

    I especially enjoy the ‘disbelief’ photo with the measuring tape poking out:)

  2. kelly

    Great post! It reminds me of all things French- from breakfast to all the stores closing around lunch time to the super helpful pharmacies and, mais oui, the unsolicited pronunciation help 🙂 Sigh….. It is great to live vicariously through you. Can’t wait to hear more of your adventures and best wishes to Patty’s elbow!

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