From Nice to St. Raphael

Hotel Santa Lucia

The Villa Aramis sets a nice breakfast table, with cereal and toasts and baguettes and many choices of jam, and a bottomless cup of coffee. After checkout, we make for the coastal town of St. Raphael, little realizing the streets of Nice are steep and winding and designed to make one carsick. Liz succumbs to some kind of malaise. Patty and Mike are cut from heartier cloth.

Arrive in St. Raphael midday and check in to the Hotel Santa Lucia, which has a view of the Mediterranean Sea. We make for the harbor. So many beautiful yachts and sailboats. The wind is immense and makes an eerie whine through the rigging of the many boats, like a siren calling. We find a seaside eatery, and take time for salad and galettes. In the night, we sleep with the window open to the sea. The sailboat rigging whines and calls all night.


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From Nice To St. Raphael

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