Nice, France without luggage

Our lost luggage replacement

We made it to Nice on time, although it was nip and tuck getting to the Nice leg on time. Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is huge and our Minneapolis flight landed on one end of the airport while our departure flight left from the other end of the airport.

We made it, although our bags did not. Air France gave us a “sorry your luggage is lost” gift pack with some essentials, and recommended we go out immediately and spend $100 euros each, for which we will be reimbursed. So far we have not, investing only in two cans of aerosol fixative for Liz’s hair. We think it’s hairspray.

We are staying at the Villa Aramis in Rue de Mousequetiere’s. There are three rooms for guests — the Aramis, the Athos, and the Porthos for all of you Three Musketeer’s fans.

After a short nap, we walked the town and found a spot for dinner and wine. Tomorrow we hope for luggage!


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Nice, France Without Luggage

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