L’ Aquila, Italy market and museum

L' Aquila, ItalyOff to L’Aquila, the capital city of Abruzzo, founded by the Hohenstaufen Emperor Frederick II if you care about these things. We arrived in time for market day, where we could choose between fruit and pajamas, vegetables and copper pots, kitchen towels and calipers, or the latest fashions from Milan (sort of). A tour of the Castello, the historic fort that guards this town, brought us to the Museo Nazionale d’Abruzzo, which holds the greatest treasures from the region, including many Etruscan pieces, coins from Etruscan, Roman and Medieval periods, sacred art, and a big ol’ mastodon-type thingie (except twice as big). Viewing the sacred art through the years was an interesting study in seeing how long it took artists to begin depicting the infant Jesus as a baby. In most early works, he appears as a miniature man. As the years wear on, he becomes more baby-like. We particularly like, however, the painting showing a dubious-looking Joseph off to the side, giving Jesus the hairy eyeball. Joseph doesn’t look too sure.

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L’ Aquila market & museum

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