Volterra Day

Volterra, ItalyReport #5 — On the recommendation of Rick Steves, we set out for Volterra, a good two million hours away. After a night of heavy eating and many, many mountain switchbacks, carsickness set in for some of our party. Patty navigated, Mike drove, and Liz lurched grimly from side to side. We stopped for lunch (those who could eat!) in Colle di Val d’Elsa and then on to Volterra. Based on the recommendation of Rick Steves, Volterra is no longer a sleepy, undiscovered place. We walked the town streets (beautiful), shopped for a few mementos, and ate gelato — a daily requirement. The Roman ruins were wonderful. Stopped to photograph the big mysterious “O” and then drove the long, long ride home — this time on the AutoStrada, which is much less curvy.

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Volterra Day

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